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July 17, 2017

Please note Timesheets are due for the period end date 7/15/2017 and this period has 80 hours for Salaried and 72 hours for Hourly.

Please submit your timesheet by End of Day Today for pay period ending 7/15/2017. Please submit timely, for we do not have a big turnaround time for this pay period.
If you plan on being on vacation, please submit your Insys/Luxoft and Client timesheet before you leave. If timesheets are not in there is a good possibility you will not be paid for this pay period until the next pay period is submitted. For Salaried Employees Company Holiday automatically populates for July 4th, Please add another line for your project hours.
For Hourly employees Leave blank if you did not work and you can add a comment.

Your cooperation will be helpful.

If you have client approved billable OT, please report on a separate line.

We also request that you access the Unanet Time and Expense system ASAP and ensure no access issues.

If you have any issues logging in please place a ticket with the INSYS help desk at:
https://servicedesk.luxoft.com/ or call 201-621-4799 and ask for IT Dept.

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Tech Support & Help Desk

All technical issues should be reported to the technical team by completing a help desk ticket at the INSYS Support Center or by calling (201) 621-4799 between 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM Eastern.